Frida self portraitSaturday afternoon, we visited the amazing Frida & Diego exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, where for two hours all five of us wandered through some of the breathtaking artwork of Mexico’s most talented couple.

I attended the exhibit, not just to see Kahlo’s genius in person, but to thank her.

Years ago, online images of Kahlo’s paintings of her miscarriages helped me to heal from mine. She captures an anguish and a suffering, particularly in “Henry Ford Hospital,” that connected so viscerally to my own pain, I felt that she was grieving right along with me. Nothing I found– no book, no blogs– conveyed the gruesome horror of pregnancy loss, or my own desperation, as accurately as Kahlo’s art did.

Ultimately, Kahlo was never able to carry a child to term, and died in her late forties. Her very short life and her inability to bear children are tragedies that will outlive generations.

But Kahlo’s paintings, her powerful legacy, will continue to heal.

Thank you, Frida.

"Henry Ford Hospital"

“Henry Ford Hospital”

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