Renovation Frustration

Mud room of my dreams

Mud room of my dreams

We’ve been in the process of finishing our basement for the past few months, and I think up until now I’ve been able to hold myself together pretty well. It’s a basement, after all, so it’s not like they’re working on the floor where we’re living. Still, the constant banging and drilling that starts at 7:30 AM does influence one’s mental state after a while. Couple that with the fact that everything that was in the basement prior to the project is sitting in various spots around the house, including a basement entertainment system purchased during pre- and post-Christmas sales–and I’m starting to feel the stress of having accumulated crap everywhere.

My mini-meltdown this morning was due to the fact that in the midst of the basement work, we’re now going to build something for our mud room next to the kitchen, which up until now has been a hodge-podge of completely inadequate shoe cubbies, and hooks that routinely detach from the wall, destroying our sheet rock. Anyone who enters our house through the garage is greeted with gouged out holes in a wall and sheet rock dust on the floor. I’ll be glad when the mud room is done, and I sure hope it’s done quickly.

The take-away lesson in all of this? Skip college and go to furniture-making school.

Everyone needs a builder in the family.

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