So Long, Summer

A mug shot. Get it?

I’ve had a terrible time with Evil Ragweed for the past week. Toss in my husband’s horrendous work schedule and now you know why I’ve lost half my voice and can’t remember where I put my car keys.

But I’m not going to let my lack of sleep dampen my enthusiasm.

Tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox—  the first day of my favorite season of the year. The season where the air smells crisp and clean, my kids ride their bikes for hours, where we get out the hot chocolate and use the fireplace on cooler nights. It means JEANS! JEANS! JEANS! Unshaven legs! Long, floppy cardigans! Closed-toed clogs! Leaf-piles that entertain children! SOUP EVERY NIGHT FOR DINNER! Early darkness, so kids GO TO SLEEP! Apple cider with mint (and a shot of malibu rum, if you’re so inclined). It means THICK WOOLY SOCKS.

PLEASE, don’t talk to me about Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. This is my season, damn it. This is my FALL.

Let me live it up.

Happy Autumnal Equinox, everyone.

2 thoughts on “So Long, Summer

  1. So sorry you’ve not been feeling well, Anjali – environmental allergies must be awful to deal with, especially if you love to be outdoors. (((Hugs))) But delightful post, and yes, autumn is my very favorite time of year too – YAY! I always wish it would last a lot longer than it does here, because I love the air and the riot of colors; fall is absolutely beautiful! I’m a leggings person myself (I find jeans painful because of my fibromyalgia and need softer fabric), and love, love, love long comfy sweaters and home-made soups. Here’s hoping the allergies don’t keep you down and you’re able to get out and enjoy! ~ Julie 🙂 xox

  2. Hurray for Fall! Beautiful leaves! And jeans! And cardigans (and sweat shirts)! Cool temperatures! Shorter days! Long walks! SOUP! I love Fall! It’s almost worth suffering with ragweed…

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