To the Maxx

Since I finished my novel on Wednesday, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. Most of me time was spent catching up on a lot of things I’d put off. I needed a haircut, really badly. And eyebrows threaded. And I needed to get groceries, and start planning for our almost 10-year old’s slumber party tonight, my in-laws’ arrival on Tuesday, and Thanksgiving for 35-plus people at my home.

But one thing I had been really, really putting off, was getting around to decorating the office. It’s not like home decoration is a crucial thing to do– but we’ve lived here for 4 years now, our office is the first room you see when you enter the house, and it had absolutely nothing going on. There was a large desk/bookshelf combo thing, another bookshelf against the wall, but otherwise, a mass of papers, computer, printer, more papers, bills, more papers. I never, ever set foot in there unless I had to pay a bill or do our taxes.

Recently, my husband created a new second office space in our over-sized closet. He’s working from home a few days a month now, and couldn’t have kids screaming the in background while he was dictating. So, off he went, upstairs, where he took all of his medical books, work papers, and most of the office equipment.

I took this as a sign that I should finally pay attention to the office.

First, I went through the house, and pulled out all the kids’ artwork that I’d had framed but hadn’t hung up yet. I then pulled out my brother’s artwork that was also framed but not hung. Yesterday, I made a quick trip to TJ Maxx where I picked up decorative pillows for the chairs, and nick knacks to help fill up the shelves.

All of the artwork you see here was done either by my two older girls or my brother.

The result? A much homier office, for less than $100. Wish I’d taken a before picture, so you could see how drastic of a change it was. Perhaps I’ll write novel #2 in there.

Lousy picture, but you get the idea. The top shelf houses art pieces from the kids' art camp this summer. The middle shelf is also their artwork (aside from the globe). The bottom is one more clay piece, plus two cheap decorative items I picked up at TJ Maxx.


8 thoughts on “To the Maxx

  1. Nice work! We moved to a new house recently and I have to think about my home office too. I bet you are feeling good about doing up your place 🙂

  2. I think it’s missing one photo (with the artwork). I’d love to see more photos (elsewhere maybe?). I think it’s GREAT that you decorated the office!!

  3. It takes years, Connie, for me to build up the creative energy to decorate a room. So maybe I’ll see you in 2017 to do something with your office!

  4. I worked at my dining room table. I think if you can just make a small space look nice, it’s just as effective as having a whole room to yourself.

  5. We’ve lived here for over 4 years. That’s how long it took to fix it up, even though the actual time it took to fix it up took a total of 3 hours (including the shopping)!

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