Shedding new light

In this morning’s yoga class, the theme was Fall. So we did a lot of Forward Folds, with variations. I love Forward Fold, because it gives “letting go” a whole new perspective. Forward Fold is about shedding, surrendering, letting gravity runs its course. Forward Fold reflects Fall so well– just as one’s limbs float downward and drift to the earth, so do leaves let go of their grips to branches, and allow themselves to drop, and rest after a long season.

Today, I took a bunch of pictures of my front yard, in the midst of Fall. Enjoy!

Our front door

Our knockout rose bushes. They've never looked so good.

Our green bushes have gone red!

Our other green bushes have berries!

Forward Fold on the front porch


2 thoughts on “Shedding new light

  1. Awwww!!! Lovely Fall post! Love the photos, the reference to forward fold (I’m doing a little bit of yoga tonight before going to bed, my back needs it). Thanks!!

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