Two down, One to go

Over the last two years, my kids have been ridiculously healthy. Virtually no one missed school. So I suppose this school year may be “payback.” Last week, one child missed three days, another two days, and last night I was up half the night with a feverish 3-year old. The curious thing, is that no one we know is sick. So if they’re picking up viruses when no one is sick, I greatly fear flu season this year.

*  *  *  *  *

I’m in the process of rewriting the entire beginning of my novel (same song, second verse). My writing partner made a point that I knew deep down was true, but was trying to hide from: the first two chapters don’t work. So out they went. I’ve finished the first new chapter, and hope to have a draft of the second new chapter today. These are two chapters that have already been previously completely re-written three other times, so if you can imagine, I’m starting to get really bored with the beginning of the novel. Really, really bored.

Last week, I started taking a writing class. It’s one night a week at a local independent bookstore. We each read a chapter of our work in progress, then discuss. The teacher then takes home all of our chapters and critiques them. So far it’s been fun and helpful. Some of us are experienced writers, some aren’t. There are a couple of Veterans (as in military veterans), a few people that have experienced life-threatening illnesses, one person who has published a book, one person who co-owns the bookstore we meet in. It’s a motley group of people who bond over words in a bookstore storage room. It’s cramped quarters, but somehow, we all fit into the space perfectly.

Cagey shared a link with me today, which shows J.K. Rowling’s outline for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (A larger picture is here.) Brilliant stuff. Perhaps I should get out the notebook paper?

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