Degree of Difference

Between Saturday and Tuesday this week, the temperature dropped thirty degrees. Plus we had rain for the first time in so long, we’d forgotten what it looked like. This sudden climate change left us all– Where are the raincoats? Where are the umbrellas? I remembered, a little too late, that the raincoats I purchased for the Big Girls two years ago (3 sizes too big) were officially “outgrown” this year. We frantically dug through hand-me-downs and the girls made it just in time for the walk-to-school-caravan.

So it's a small leaf pile, but they'll get bigger.

September and October are the most beautiful months in Georgia. Our Falls are warm, but still feel like Fall. We can drink Apple Cider and eat pumpkin pie on the front porch. It’s still warm enough to wear shorts when making leaf piles to jump in. The girls ride bikes in the evening for several miles. I walk, read on the porch, hang out with the neighbors. During these fall months, I savor every moment.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

I feel so incredibly lucky to live into the Atlanta area. The literary community is vibrant and diverse and this autumn is literary Christmas for me around here. In addition to the Decatur Book Festival I just attended, in a span of two months, there’s the Red Clay Conference, The Georgia Romance Writers Conference, The Fall Atlanta Writers Club Conference, the Dahlonega Literary Festival. And this doesn’t even include our amazing, upcoming Atlanta Writers Club meetings! Workshops, critiques, and panels— Oh My!

It’s enough to make a girl throw herself into the revisions of her novel.

2 thoughts on “Degree of Difference

  1. I don’t think you can get that much further south than Atlanta and still have the full experience of fall. But it’s quite lovely here!

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