Hurray for Harry

Yes, I already have my tickets to see the movie Friday afternoon with my cousin-n-law, her son, my oldest, and three of their friends. I can’t wait.

Are you going?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

It’s that time of year again where I can no longer stand the pool. We’ll be there again tomorrow afternoon (with temps near 100) for one…last…swim lesson. After that, I’ll let my husband take the kids on weekends or when he’s home from work. I’ve been so often since mid-March (starting with the indoor pool), I don’t think I can even look at our pool anymore. There are only 5 weeks until school starts, though, and I think we’ll be able to survive it. With one week of camp, one week of out-of-town vacation, one week of family in town, and barely two weeks of nothingness, we’ll manage just fine.

Georgia agriculture is falling apart without its illegal immigrants. Have you heard? Farmers are scrambling around to harvest the crop. As it turns out, nobody wants to pick the crops in the boiling sun for umpteen hours a day, for little pay. After all, we had slaves do it first, then African-Americans as indentured servants when they couldn’t work elsewhere because of Jim Crow laws, then when they abandoned the South to the North, illegal immigrants did the work. It’s an industry that has always had, at its center, racial/ethnic discrimination and desperation.

What did Georgia expect?

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