The Sun Sets Everywhere

Last night I had one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve had in a long time.

I attended a Yoga Under the Stars class outside, next to the gym pool. At first blush, it didn’t seem like anything special. We rolled out our mats on the same concrete surface that babies’ soggy diapers had toddled across just an hour earlier.

Our teacher asked us to lay down in Shavasana, the restful pose where one lays flat back, arms next to the body, palms facing upward. As I looked above me, I saw the most glorious clouds– they looked like plump mounds of cookie dough, in long rows on a cookie sheet, ready for baking.

We moved from pose to pose at our own pace, guided by the gentle encouragement of our teacher, as the rays of the sun gently settled lower and lower to the horizon, highlighting a blue sky turning purple.

I’ve seen some beautiful sunsets in the past few months. First on a gorgeous Carribean Beach, then more recently at the Taj Mahal. But you know what I realized when I was lying there, watching tufts of white float like bubbles across the increasingly darkened sky?

The sun sets everywhere. And though it may be blocked by buildings, smudged by gray rain clouds, or crowded by smog– every single night it is beautiful and ever-present and hopeful.

We just have to remember to really look at it.


3 thoughts on “The Sun Sets Everywhere

  1. oh, that’s a beautiful post and must have been a lovely experience! They have yoga outdoors at the arboretum here at the university once in a while. I haven’t been able to go, but this fall and next Spring I’ll make sure to go at least once to the evening outdoor class, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

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