Breezes in Bangalore

After our time in Dehli, we boarded the three-hour Kingfisher flight south to Beautiful Bangalore.

Bangalore lies on the Mysore Plateau and because of its higher elevation, has a tropical climate. It is a lovely break from the heat wave that coats much of India in the summer. As we approached the airport, I spotted a few lumpy hills, and closer still, palm trees flapping in the breeze, waving us toward our runway. I couldn’t wait to return to my favorite city in India.

Bangalore is in South India, the area of the country where most of my father’s family has its roots. My grandparents came first from Chennai where my father was born, then moved to Hyderabad when he was older– both in the south of India. Growing up, we spent most of our vacation in Hyderabad. Sometimes, though, we’d visit my father’s sister and her husband in Bangalore, where they still live. And now, my aunt and uncle’s son, my cousin, and his family, just recently returned to Bangalore, after spending four years in Australia.

While Dehli/Agra made up the tourist part of the trip, Bangalore was where we could cut loose and relax a bit. We arrived in temperatures a good twenty degrees cooler– in the evenings I wore a sweater. The purpose of our trip, aside from getting together with family, was my engaged cousin’s threading ceremony– a sort of coming of age ritual a few days before his wedding. There would be no more sights to see from this day on–we’d spend the rest of our trip catching up with far away family, meeting some who we’d never met, and reuniting with others who we hadn’t seen in many years. It was the perfect mix for a vacation– sightseeing first to get a better sense of who India is, followed by time spent with family to better understand who we are.

Collecting our baggage (and our toddler) at the Bangalore airport.

The monsoons began shortly before our arrival in Bangalore. I took this picture with my phone as I looked out the window of our car. So many people ride motorcycles in India, which works well in the traffic (it takes an hour to get anywhere in Bangalore). But you're kind of screwed when it rains.

Bangalore raindrops

After the threading ceremony, our traditional south Indian meal was served on banana leaves. You're supposed to clean it with the water they provide, but anal retentive me gave out wipes.

Digging in...

Our servers brought each dish down the row in a pail. Oh, how I anticipated what would come next!

My 3-year old masters the art of gulping water from the family water bottle.

Uno is played the same in both U.S. and India. In both countries, I don't know how to play.

The girls became fast friends with cousins they met for the first time!

My aunt and uncle's rooftop terrace in Bangalore. Just as lovely as when I was last here as a kid.

2 thoughts on “Breezes in Bangalore

  1. I don’t know how to play Uno either.

    Wow, it looks like you had such a great trip. Jealous! Stupid work . . .

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