Late last week, we learned the incredibly exciting news that my first cousin and his family would be moving to the Atlanta area this summer. It was one of those things that I fantasized about, but really didn’t think was going to happen.

He is originally from India, came here to go to grad school, and then moved to the midwest. So over the course of our lives, we haven’t seen each other much at all. But now, I will have a cousin living in town, and my kids will have cousins their age in town. I can hardly believe it.

The tulips never showed, but the roses are in full bloom.

This weekend was another full one with good friends and family: homecooked Indian food, a puppet show, a gourmet cook-out with homemade lemonade and guacamole, and brunch with parents at a terrific new local spot. The weather has been amazing, and I’m trying to soak it all in before the harsh summer heat kicks in.

I’m off on my 2-mile walk with the neighbors while there’s still daylight and weekend left.

Have a great week.

9 thoughts on “136

  1. aww… that’s awesome! I’d love to live close to any of my cousins. I love my cousins! sigh.

    Wow, you’re progressing so fast now that you’re sure you’re going to reach your goal. Great job! (and sorry about the tulips, I’m glad we get them here).

  2. Thanks, MG. I grew up with cousins, and have such happy memories of them. I’m glad my kids will have cousins to grow up with, too!

  3. I heard, I’m so jealous!!!
    On the upside, your plan to take over the family tree one branch at a time is totally working…

  4. That is so fantastic! I really miss that for my kiddo, I grew up with lots of cousins around and he has zero, zip, zeppo.

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