Snow Big Deal

Yesterday’s Salvadore Dali exhibit at the High Museum of Art will have been our last outing for a couple of days. (By the way, The Persistence of Memory is much smaller than I would have guessed!) School is closed today, and apparently ice is on its way to coat the 4-5 inches of snow on the ground.

It is quite beautiful, though.

My Indian-Australian cousin took one of the last flights into the Atlanta International Airport Sunday morning from San Francisco. My husband just happened to have the day off today (a good thing, since hospitals don’t close and the commute would have been trecherous today). It’s barely after noon, and the kids have already spent several hours outside rollicking in what could be the only decent snow of the winter.

So we’ll be stuck inside, but with family, so it doesn’t feel stuck at all.

3 thoughts on “Snow Big Deal

  1. Adult company makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? We’re inside with sickies and I am so grateful my husband is having a light work day today and has been able to call in twice (with supposed other things, like needing the number for a nursing moms’ group–but still—outside world contact is SO nice).
    Enjoy the snow!

  2. It is VERY nice. Won’t be so lucky tomorrow — schools will probably stay closed, but everyone’s back to work (but me). So I’ll enjoy today while I have it!

    Hope the boys feel better soon!

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