The Non-Martha Stewart Christmas

Starting on Thursday, there will be 15 people sleeping at my house. I’m counting up comforters and pillows and hoping we have enough floor space to go around. On Christmas Eve an addition 8 people will join us for dinner. It’ll be a cramped and over-crowded Christmas for sure, but one well worth it.

Yesterday my husband’s marathon work schedule began. He won’t be off until January 3.

I suppose I should be frantic about preparations. But I’m not. My Christmas gift to myself this year is NOT cooking. We’re ordering IN for Christmas Eve dinner, and making sure we have enough leftovers for Christmas Day. Without my husband around to help, I don’t see the point of trying to cook for so many. So 2011 will be the year of Take-Out Christmas. We will even be eating on paper plates! With plastic cutlery! Furthermore, instead of ham and mac-n-cheese or other Christmasy food, we’re having Indian. It’s Christmas Blasphemy! And with the unfrightful/non-white weather predicted (should get into the 50s) we’ll set up the bounce house and partake in the ever-popular non-Olympic sport in our yard– cardboard sledding.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas/end of 2011. May you be surrounded by peace, love, drawings of dragons, and great food, wherever it comes from.


One thought on “The Non-Martha Stewart Christmas

  1. Ordered Indian food for Xmas sounds DIVINE to me!!!! It will be awesome, I’m sure! And I’m ALL about paper plates when upwards of 6 people get together (us and my brother-in-law’s family is already 8, we’ll have 12 this weekend). It’s the sane and rational thing to do…

    Enjoy your holidays, it sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful time!!!

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