Read It and Weep

A few hours after finishing up This Lovely Life, I finished What I Thought I Knew (thanks, Melissa, for the suggestion. I have almost never read two books simultaneously before, except in the situation where I’m not enjoying one book so I pick up another. I liked What I Thought I Knew as much as This Lovely Life, and the themes are so similar, but the storytelling so different. I loved them both.

While I’m mentioning a couple of memoirs anyway, let me also plug Invisible Sisters, another great memoir I read last month. It’s such a touching story by one sister about losing her other two sisters to disease (one as a child, another as a young adult). Another, couldn’t-put-it-down book. I think I shed a few extra tears because I have (as in, gave birth to) three sisters.

I’m going back now to Julie and Julia, and in light of my whole school transportation dilemma and an excellent review by Cagey), have decided  to read Free Range Kids. So far it has me laughing out loud. It would make the perfect, first-time parent baby gift.

The rain finally let up here, but the skies have been gray for what seems forever. I do not remember having such a long consecutive stream of gray days since moving here. It’s got me unnecessarily tired. Also, this article just depressed the hell out of me.

I have another weekend-without-husband, but thankfully a babysitter is coming tomorrow so I can hear a talk given by Kathryn Stockard, author of The Help. It’s my favorite read this year.

Have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Read It and Weep

  1. I so want to read This Lovely Life!

    This week I’m enjoying the novel Real Life & Liars. It takes place over one weekend, when three adult children come home for their parents’ 35th wedding anniversary– and all three, along with their mother, have to confront their secrets and fears. Good stuff.

  2. OK Melissa, I have to ask… Where do you find these interesting books? Real Life sounds like a great book to break up the weepy memoirs..

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